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Self-service analytics for financial services organizations

Financial institutions run on data: collecting it, analyzing it, delivering meaningful insights, and taking action in real time. As data volumes increase, organizations demand a scalable analytics platform that can meet the needs of data scientists and business users alike. However, managing an on-premises analytics environment for a large and diverse user base can become time-consuming, costly, and unwieldy.

Tableau Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping major financial services organizations shift data visualization and analytic workloads to the cloud. The result is fewer hours spent on manual work and more time to ask more questions and launch new data analyses, with easily-scalable support for large amounts of users. In this webinar, you’ll hear how one major asset management company made the shift to cloud data visualization with Tableau Server on AWS. Hear from their experience, get best practices tailored to financial services organizations, and learn how you can get started with scalable analytics on the cloud.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How financial services organizations are using analytics to deliver insights across the enterprise for enhancing the customer experience, mitigating risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and identifying operational efficiencies.
  • How a major asset management company is using the cloud to make self-service analytics available to a large and diverse employee base, without the sunk costs of additional on-premises hardware.
  • How you can deploy multiple instances of Tableau Server quickly and economically to segment separate lines of business for analytics.

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