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The Secret is Out... The Real Story Behind Data Visualization & Creativity

Pat Hanrahan is Tableau Software's Chief Scientist. He is also the CANON Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where he teaches computer graphics today. Prior to co-founding Tableau Software, Hanrahan worked at Pixar where he developed volume rendering software and was the chief architect of the RenderMan Interface - a protocol that allows modeling programs to describe scenes to high quality rendering programs.

The creative, open and collaborative culture Hanrahan lived at Pixar serve as a model for the values and principles the Tableau executive team strive to instill in Tableau today. In this executive fireside chat Fed News Radio’s host, John Gilroy, hear Hanrahan share ideas for instilling creativity and storytelling into government business processes.

About the speakers

Dr. Pat Hanrahan

Chief Scientist and co-founder Tableau Software
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