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Sally Beauty: Using Data for Quantitative Marketing and CRM Enablement

Sally Beauty is leveraging data to gain customer insights, power CRM programs, and provide reporting to all levels of the organization. In the last year, the CRM & Analytics team has transformed their data analysis and reporting capabilities by using Alteryx to mine data and create reusable workflows. This has allowed for consistent reporting and automatic scheduling, freeing up time to develop new CRM strategies. Using Tableau and Alteryx together has given Sally Beauty the ability to perform sophisticated analysis and provide results in a visual format so the leadership team can easily understand the story told by the data.

Watch this webinar to learn how Sally Beauty,

  • Created a process for consistent reporting and scheduled data updates for their dashboards
  • Reduced the time to prepare their data so they can spend more time visualizing their data
  • Used the time they have gained to develop new CRM strategies

About the speakers

Nikki Smith

Marketing Database Manager, Sally Beauty

Brian Dirking

Director of Product Marketing, Alteryx

Todd Talkington

Senior Technology Partner Manager, Tableau Software
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