On-Demand Webinar

Results based government: Using data to improve HRSA outcomes

Data and analytics have become the backbone of the new business of government. Making data-driven decisions is helping form policy, manage the mission and deliver the high level of stewardship necessary to ensure Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)meets their goals.

Watch this webinar to learn how HRSA is:

  • Offering a real-time view of HRSA across multiple programs with disparate data and information sources
  • Improving decision-making by eliminating uncertainty in data and information
  • Reducing financial risk by delivering one complete view of revenues, costs and budget performance
  • Improving operational efficiency by aligning the strategic goals of the organization to the desired outcomes, and minimizing surprises.
  • Ensuring accountability and clarity by opening up information on all activities to all stakeholders.

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About the speakers

Joseph Roach

Director of Financial Policy and Analysis, HRSA
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