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Resetting Expectations for Retail Analytics

Return from COVID-19 - Strategies Rooted in Data

As with other industries, retail is experiencing a major disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic context. Businesses are constantly balancing the safety of employees and customers with financial viability. Retailers’ survival through adapting to the rapidly changing economic environment is now more reliant on data than ever.

While some are set up well, others are struggling to understand what to change, how to do it, and to what degree.

Watch this on-demand webinar with our partner Massive Insights as we discuss strategies their retail clients are using to navigate topics like shifting buyer behavior, supply chain volatility, doubling down on e-commerce, and adapting to our new normal.

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About the speaker


Vivek Nankissoor

Client Strategy Director, Massive Insights

Vivek has been providing data-driven marketing expertise and analytics support for a wide range of brands over the last 15 years. He has applied his knowledge and creativity into building and leading data-driven practices for companies including Kraft Foodservice, Rogers, Jaguar, Land Rover, Sony, Intuit, Indigo and several pharmaceutical clients in Canada and the United States. Vivek’s passion lies in championing the translation and integration of business and data strategies into measurable and actionable outcomes for his clients. With the challenges posed by today’s complex business and data science landscape, his breadth of knowledge has served his clients well as they adopt new technologies to propel their businesses forward.

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