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Raising the Data Bar at INDOT

Creating a data-driven organization requires the buy-in of your most important asset—people. Changing the way in which those across the business interact with important decisions and business challenges requires careful consideration and reliable data. So how do you raise the bar at your organization?

Watch this webinar to learn how the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) transformed their business into a data-first operation, by better understanding key organizational and data challenges, and nurturing the motivation for change. Discover how with a startup mentality and an integrated analytics strategy, the resulting adoption and business impact has created a positive-reinforcing cycle within their organization.

Themes from this session include:

  • Speed-to-insight
  • Navigating company culture/politics
  • Data literacy
  • Data governance
  • Acting with purpose

About the speakers

Derek Weinberg

Business Analytics and Visualization Manager
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