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Productize Your Data with Tableau Embedded Analytics

Today is the economy for monetizing your data

We all see the headlines, feel the looming economy. Budget cuts, declining profits, it is everywhere. Nearly 40% of CFO's said they would cut budgets in Q422. With challenges comes opportunity...the opportunity is data. Data has never been more relevant. With Tableau's Embedded Analytics you can monetize your data. 

Please join our webinar to learn more about Data Monetization and how Tableau’s Embedded Analytics solution can help you:

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer relationships

About the speaker


Ed Dolman

Vice President EMEA Partners, Tableau

Ed Dolman has 18 years senior sales leadership experience in the Technology sector across Channel, Enterprise and General Business. Before coming to Tableau, Ed was the Senior Director for EMEA Partners at Splunk developing a strong Partner ecosystem. At Tableau, Ed manages the Tableau EMEA Partner organisation with focus on all partner types including our reseller, alliance, system integrator and OEM partners.

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