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How Bosch is Using Predictive Analytics to Meet Rapidly Changing Customer Needs

Bosch Mobility division maintains a stock inventory worth over €2 billion across 100+ sites, ensuring global customers like BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce always have fast access to the parts and accessories they need. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing significant economic uncertainty, accurately maintaining such a large inventory is extremely challenging. Even small discrepancies between stock levels and customer demand can cost millions of Euros.

To quickly identify key market trends and accurately adjust production and inventory levels, Bosch uses a combination of human and data-driven forecasting, analysed together in Tableau.

Join this webinar to learn how Bosch’s predictive forecasting successfully identified the COVID-19 pandemic during its earliest stages, and the pivotal role that Tableau plays in meeting rapidly changing customer needs all over the world.

During the webinar, we’ll share:

  • How Tableau analytics helped Bosch anticipate the impact of COVID-19
  • Why Bosch uses a combination of human and data-drive forecasting
  • How Bosch blends both data sets in Tableau for highly accurate results

Webinar will be in English

About the speakers


Jakob Wolf

Controller / Project Manager | BOSCH Mobility

As a certified Professional Forecaster and Tableau Desktop Specialist Jakob is responsible to implement data driven demand forecasting for over 100 plants worldwide (more than 45 Billion Euro sales revenue in 2019).
Since 2016 Jakob uses Tableau to analyse data, provide insights and support Bosch employees.
Additionally he likes to discuss planning processes and new trends that digitalise business.


Matthias Saltenberger

Senior Campaign Specialist DACH | Tableau Deutschland GmbH

Matthias has 10+ years of experience in creating, organizing and managing integrated marketing campaigns. Before Tableau he studied Information Science and Engineering where he focused on Online Marketing and Information Architecture. His broad knowledge about databases helps him run successful campaigns that focus on the IT audience and analyze campaign performance through data visualization.

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