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Ovative: Measuring marketing impact from online-to-store

Retailer marketers are working to crack the code from online to in-store marketing effectiveness. Site optimization is one way retailers can increase effectiveness, but typically only measures online conversions. Having the need to optimize online experience to drive in-store sales, the Tableau based "Sexy Calculator" was created.

Learn how Ovative/group harnessed online-to-store marketing data housed in Google BigQuery to create a comprehensive A/B testing & reporting tool in Tableau that was easy for the end-user and tied to powerful data. The end-result unlocked substantial ROI for both store and e-commerce sales.

Attend this webinar to learn how retailers can better measure their marketing initiatives through the use of big data and comprehensive A/B testing programs.

You can download the slide deck here and continue to discover data-driven marketing innovations in our webinar series.

About the speakers

Claire Wyatt

Manager of Data Visualization, Ovative

Rachel Rabaey

Manager of Data Science, Ovative
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