On-Demand Webinar

Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 in Retail and Consumer Goods

The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in widespread uncertainty for all retailers. Now more than ever, adopting a data-driven response to the crisis can help your organisation mitigate the impact.

Join this live webinar with CoEnterprise — a leading Tableau partner specialising in retail analytics, to learn how your organisation can implement a data-driven response in the weeks and months ahead. Find out how combining your data with visual analytics can safeguard your people, supply chain, and eCommerce business during this pandemic.

Register now to learn about:

  • The domino effect on suppliers—what to do in times of fluctuating demand and inventory.
  • Mitigating risks to your supply chain—what we can learn from trends at the virus epicenters.
  • Panic buying and the toll it’s taking on the logistics sector.
  • How retail/CPG companies are reacting to current events and the action you can take right now for your business.

About the speakers

Benjamin Hart

Analytics Services Manager - CoEnterprise

Abby Orlosky

Director of Demand Generation at CoEnterprise

Thomas Minnick

CFA, Senior Consultant - CoEnterprise

Michael Rabinowitz

Founder and CEO - CoEnterprise
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