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Managing Value-Based Contracts During COVID-19 for Payers and ACO’s

As the Healthcare industry shifts towards value-based contracts, many payers and accountable care organizations (ACO) face incredible challenges in managing their operational and financial performance while maintaining a high quality of care. Challenges include needing to accurately forecast costs, measuring lost revenues, and quantifying the risk of future payments.

These challenges are further complicated with the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers shift to telehealth, claims spikes due to hospitalizations, and premium payments are delayed due to employee job losses and shifts to other insurance programs. By leveraging actionable analytics payer organizations and ACO’s can get a handle on their customer utilization and cost data and make sound business decisions.

Join us for a discussion in partnership with CitiusTech on how visualization and analytics help to:

  • Get real-time data insights and enable quicker, better decision making
  • Improve financial and operational performance
  • Maintain high-quality patient care

About the speakers

Jeff Springer

VP of Health Solutions, Citius Tech

Barry P. Chaiken, MD

Clinical Lead, Healthcare, Tableau
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