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Managing Data with Confidence

Organizations need a governance framework to ensure confidence in the data its employees use to make business decisions. A modern analytics platform grants the ability for organizations to more comfortably design and define their governance processes—whether soft guidelines or firm boundaries, or likely somewhere in between.

Tableau Server is a modern, self-service analytics platform with many built-in features to promote security, governance, data exploration, and collaboration. Data Server, which is part of Tableau Server, is arguably the most powerful of these tools.

This webcast will teach you how Data Server can help you:

  • Reduce the proliferation of data sources and analytics content through governance processes, increasing data quality across the organization
  • Centrally manage and curate metadata, including sharing standard calculations and field definitions to create consistency throughout your data environment
  • Simplify how users access data stored in your databases, including integrating permissions and removing the need to deploy database drivers on local machines
  • Optimize processes that ensure confident ad hoc data exploration, like refreshing data extracts once and automatically updating all connected workbooks

This is part of the Data Management webinar series.

About the speaker


Tracy Rodgers

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Tracy Rodgers is a senior product marketing manager where she focuses on all things data. She started working at Tableau in 2011, and has worked in several roles since from support to managing the Tableau Community to product marketing. She loves connecting with customers, learning new tips and tricks about the Tableau products and introducing more people to the world of data.

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