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Making CRM Talk: Getting to Know Your Customers By Their Data

Anyone who uses CRM knows that analyzing the data it holds is a must for supporting sales organizations. Whether it’s monitoring daily wins, deal pipeline or even workforce activity, leveraging CRM data separates exceptional businesses from the rest of the pack.

How can CRM data yield insights that go one step further, and offer insights into things like customer habits? What can be done to ensure that this type of reporting is at the fingertips of the people that need it?

In this webcast we’ll learn how Bunchball, the industry leader in gamification, combines salesforce.com with their own gamification platform to understand customer motivation - and how it harnesses those insights in a way that impacts not only their sales organization, but nearly every part of their business.

About the speakers


Keith Conley

Director, Analytics & Insight, Bunchball

Keith Conley joined Bunchball in November of 2011. He has served as Communications Strategist and Analytics Manager for Young & Rubicam and Universal McCann. These roles focused his efforts on generating attitudinal and behavioral measurement plans and subsequently delivering insightful optimization recommendations to maximize Advertising impact. During his tenure, Keith guided Branding and Direct advertising initiatives for Microsoft, HP, Wells Fargo, The NCAA, Palm Inc. and others in nationwide and global advertising efforts.


Caitlin Donaldson

Data Analyst, Analytics, Bunchball

Caitlin Donaldson joined Bunchball in November of 2012. She brings with her close to 5 years of experience in data analysis. Since joining Bunchball, she has conducted analyses for such companies as NBC, MTV, Adobe, Mattel, Cisco, and Intercontinental Hotels Group. As a Data Analyst, she assists clients in setting goals to guide digital strategy as well as provides reports and data to monitor the progress toward those goals. Caitlin previously worked at ADM Associates, Inc. as a Program Analyst and the Center for Strategic Economic Research as a Research Analyst. Caitlin holds a MA in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.

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