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Make CRM Reporting More Useful and Insightful

As we transition from 2020, a year full of vast and unprecedented changes, effecting industries globally, especially finance, it is important to reflect and analyse the key takeaways - one of the most distinct and critical is that data has, in fact, become the most valuable asset for any company. However, simply having an overabundance of data is not enough, if you do not have the tools to really see, understand and act on that data.

This is why Tableau and T1A conducted a survey of existing customers to better understand where and why they were struggling when it comes to CRM reporting, and how we can help add value and make their reporting more insightful and actionable with the help of Tableau.

Please Join us for a live event where we will share those findings and how to improve your current CRM reporting and make it more actionable and insightful, with a live Q&A at the end. See you there!

About the speakers


Alexandre Bougrov

Senior Commercial Territory Manager - Tableau

Artem Belyasov

Regional Director, T1A

Ekaterina Blagireva

Lead Data Visualisation Expert, T1A

Nikita Pronichkin

Head of CRM, T1A

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