On-Demand Webinar

Leveraging predictive analytics for proactive mission management

The use of predictive analytics to drive proactive mission management is on the rise, yet turning your agency’s data into action is easier said than done. Success depends on many factors, spanning every facet of the organization. In order to overcome potential challenges, it is vital to understand the proven methods, techniques, and tools to transform data into high-value predictive insights.

Watch Salient CRGT and federal agency leaders as they discuss how to:

  • establish a strong IT-business collaboration.
  • enforce comprehensive data governance mechanisms using effective, self-service strategies.
  • leverage proven methods and technologies to establish a modern, robust analytics platform.
  • execute a robust advanced analytics life cycle methodology using Tableau and Databricks.
  • engage and empower business decision makers as active participants in the process.

Attend and learn how to jumpstart your progress toward enhanced mission management with predictive analytics.

About the speakers

Cynthia Walker

Vice President, Data Analytics Innovation Center, Salient CRGT

Ed Purcell, Ph.D.

Chief Data Scientist, Salient CRGT

Ilia Christman

Technical Director, Military Human Capital Analytics office of the Chief of Naval Operations
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