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Agile Analytics and Cybersecurity in Government

In a battlefield where the GAO is reporting a 782% increase in cyber threats across a 7-year period, vast amounts of information are commonly processed and aggregated to identify theft, fraud and abuse. With this volume of data, how can you immediately identify not only the known threats that have pre-defined criteria, but also the unknown threats where attackers have modified their behavior? Through data visualization and agile analytics, you can react to cyber threats by quickly exploring the data and visually identify these anomalies.

Finity IT is a leader in cybersecurity services specializing in a set of capabilities that have helped numerous government organizations stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats. During this session, Finity IT and Tableau Software explore:

  • Current laws
  • Modern Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes
  • Dynamic risk insight with agile analytics
  • The one minute checklist

About the speakers

Dave Rubal

Manager of Government Analytics Consulting

Brian Pancia

CEO and Founder of FinityIT
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