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Humana: Powering Digital Health and Wellness with Self-Service Visual Analytics

Humana, a Fortune 100 healthcare industry leader, were challenged with leveraging Big Data and digital analytics to enable health and wellness programs.

By leveraging Splunk (for data exploration) and Hadoop (for ETL), Humana was able to create a significant Big Data backend platform. They then used Tableau to build an informative, beautiful front-end user interface; enabling their digital business stakeholders to drive better health and wellness programs, targeted at their customers digital behavior and healthcare needs. Through using business intelligence tools with digital analytics, Humana has exposed deeper insights with relative ease using a stunning amount of digital data.

In this webinar, learn how Humana is exposing actionable insights from their digital lines of business to create better health outcomes with digital + health programs that lower costs and empower their members to lead healthier lives.

About the speakers

Jim Gregory

BI and Analytics Analyst, Humana

Douglas DelVecchio

Director of Digital Analytics and Insights, Humana

Andy Dé

Senior Global Industry Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tableau Software
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