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Human resource analytics made easy: leveraging data to help you succeed

Human Resource organizations are finding themselves in stiff competition to find, attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive environment. With rapidly growing and evolving access to information, both internal and external, people organizations are leveraging data to give them the competitive edge but knowing how to use data to your advantage is the first step. Data can be intimidating but we are going to make it simple and easy to use. In this 45-minute webinar, see insights and examples of how organizations are using visual analytics to:

· Identify and plan for organizational skill and capability gaps
· Understand and react to flight risks and staffing shortfalls
· Measure and act upon employee inclusion and diversity programs
· Drive deeper intelligence from employee survey data

This webinar is designed for human resource practitioners, leaders who are transforming their employee landscapes, and anyone who is interested in learning how data can help transform how organizations can optimize the value of their most valuable asset – their people.

About the speakers

Todd Heil

Practice Area Director, Slalom

Nelson Davis

Principal Consultant, Slalom
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