On-Demand Webinar

How to visualize your love of music

Our love for music is woven into our societal DNA—connecting us from afar and strengthening relationships. Within each hit record, concert set list, and summer playlist, there are countless memories ready to be played back.

But with music, there is always another story to tell. What if we could use the data of music to highlight the untold stories of the sounds that surround us?

Attend this webinar and see how to:

  • connect to music data using Tableau and your own Spotify data
  • visualize the insights you discover about your favorite bands and artists
  • share your discoveries and insights with the world

Follow along with these resources below:

About the speakers

Scott Teal

Senior Product Marketing Specialist - Tableau

Tracy Rodgers

Product Marketing Manager

Skyler Johnson

Data Viz Designer | Spotify
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