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How to Report Audit and Compliance Issues using Data Analytics

Hear from Ross Gloudeman, former Compliance Executive with a $1 Billion Financial Services firm, on how he summarized hundreds of open audit and compliance issues that had been identified by internal staff and also external regulators and recorded in an end-user database with only limited validation checks. With Tableau partner, Visual Risk IQ LLC, Ross and his team identified data quality and data governance issues and remediated the data so that more accurate reporting could occur. View this session and you’ll walk away with:

  • Data quality and data validation techniques that quickly identify invalid or inaccurate information in end-user databases.
  • Techniques to organize, summarize, and visually represent audit and compliance issues in a simple yet elegant way. These techniques apply regardless of the issue type, and are therefore relevant to Internal Audit, Compliance, IT Risk, Information Security, and other Line of Defense functions.
  • Identify patterns across Issues data that help identify and remediate root cause.

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About the speakers

Ross Gloudeman

Compliance Executive
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