On-Demand Webinar

How the Portland Trail Blazers Use Data Visualization to Drive Business Decisions

Watch this webinar and learn how the Portland Trail Blazers use Tableau and SSB’s Central Intelligence platform to gain key insights into the business operations of the team. Insights into season renewals, per game revenue sources, geography of ticket buyers, and other key performance indicators will be discussed. The Trailblazers and SSB will discuss how the long standing partnership between the two organizations has changed the way the team uses data to drive key decisions.

SSB will discuss the key roadmap milestones that help lead an organization down the path to having exceptional foundational data, metrics and business rules addressed at the data tier. We will show attendees how the hard work at the data level drives executive adoption, and makes Tableau a daily part of business discussions with key stakeholders in the organization. By addressing the data tier and data visualization in a best of class approach the Portland Trail Blazers have been able to create a system in which all stakeholders are working from the same page and with the same key business facts.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How the data visualization layer and data tier are both critical components to a successful project
  • How clean customer data saves time, effort, and money
  • How deciphering critical business rules in the data tier creates "one version of the truth"

About the speakers

Vincent Ircandia

VP of Business Analytics, IT, and Ticket Operations; Trail Blazers

Mike Schumacher

Database Analyst, Trail Blazers

Bill Bailey

VP for Sports and Entertainment Division, SSB
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