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How to EXCEL with Tableau

Are you in a love-hate relationship with Excel? Ever feel like it's slowing you down, and wonder all the things you could be accomplishing with some of that time back?

Bring back the romance. Let Excel do what Excel is good at. Move the analytic tasks you depend on and supercharge them in Tableau.

This session will cover not only how to duplicate and improve Excel functionality in Tableau, but how to move beyond the constraints of rows and columns and explore new functionality. This includes:

  • Data Structure - Organizing Excel Data for Analysis
  • Analytics - Analyzing Differently
  • Formatting - Replicating Look and Feel

About the speakers


Casey O'Donnell

Product Consultant | Tableau

Casey’s been working at Tableau since 2018 and is a member of the Product Consulting team. As a PC, Casey helps customers answer their questions with Tableau and grow confident in every part of the Tableau platform. When she’s not at work, Casey spends her days exploring Washington D.C. and counting down to the next Notre Dame football game.


Rob Chapekis

Associate Product Consultant | Tableau

Rob has been with Tableau for over a year as a member of the Product Consulting team. As a Product Consultant, Rob helps customers become more data driven and scale Tableau throughout their organizations efficiently and successfully. In his free time Rob love getting outside and playing sports, from Golf to basketball. Rob is a die hard fan of his university's football team and can often be found in Ann Arbor for home games. Go Blue!


Martha Beltz

Manager, Product Consulting | Tableau

Martha joined Tableau nearly two years ago, and leads the East Product Consulting team. Prior to joining, Martha fell in love with Tableau as a customer when it helped automate her daily workflow. When she's not nerding out about all things data, you can often find Martha training for a race, cooking new recipes, or traveling.

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