How Ebates Rebuilt Its Analytics Platform by Leveraging Tableau, Cloudera and AtScale

Every business has challenges it needs to solve for using data and in the case of Ebates it was no different. Except for one thing - Mark Stange-Tregear, BI Leader at Ebates is leveraging his analytics solution to solve more businesses challenges than anticipated, and faster.

In this webinar, Mark Stange-Tregear, BI Leader at Ebates, will take us deeper into their technical environment and focus on how Ebates built an entirely new Hadoop based data architecture comprised of Tableau, Cloudera, and AtScale. He will share how Ebates structured their analytics environment, including key decisions made, pitfalls encountered along the way, and best practices learned. Plus, Mark will talk about how a BI team can become a strategic resource for the business, how the team was able to help Ebates uncover insights into their vast amounts of data, and the analytics vision for the future.

• Setup and deployed an analytics environment using Tableau, Cloudera, and AtScale
• Made key decisions and conquered pitfalls
• Uncovered best practices for today and the future of their data strategy

Interested in hearing why Ebates is going the full Hadoop for BI? Check out part I of the Ebates story.

This presentation is brought to you by in partnership with Cloudera and AtScale.

Featured speakers: 

Mark Stange-Tregear

Director of Analytics, Ebates

Joji John

Director of Data & Analytics Platform, Ebates

Vaidy Krishnan

Tableau Software

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