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How Business Insight helps retailers to create customer-first journey

Salesforce Customer Success Platform enables retailers gain the business insight and based on the data, to create seamless purchase experiences with the tools they need to deliver end-to-end order lifecycle management. From purchase to fulfillment to returns, demonstrate how retailers can maximize efficiency and margins and unlock a customer-first experience.

This is part of the solutions for today’s state of the world webinar series.

About the speakers


Amber Zhang

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Amber is the Solution Engineer who is mainly responsible for China and India market. With abundant experience in both ETL and BI industry, she believes in how data could bring changes to the organisation and society, using her professional knowledge to helps customers with their digitisation progress. Besides, she also proactively engages in activities encouraging females’ success in the tech world.


Karim Guassab

Service Experience Specialist, Salesforce

Karim Guassab is the Service Experience Specialist who help organizations adopt the next wave of trusted Salesforce solutions, accelerating the adoption of intelligence, voice, automation, mobile, routing, digital channels & bots.

Accomplished technologist with a keen view on new trends & transitions, his career has developed from a background in consulting and project management to expanded responsibilities in sales and solution engineering.

Passionate about Customer and Employee Experience, Karim is regularly engaged to speak at industry events and roundtables


Louis Ngai

Principal Consultant, Salesforce

Louis Ngai is the Principal Consultant for Salesforce Commerce Cloud responsible for promoting the Retail and e-Commerce best practice in the Southeast Asia and Greater China region.

Louis has been working in the industry of Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and E-Commerce for more than 20 years. He is also actively sharing his experience in the online marketing community by delivering speeches in different occasions, including SES Conference & Expo, Web Wednesday, Universities, and several online optimization organizations.


Vijay Iyer

Head - Employee & Customer Experience Specialists, Salesforce

Vijay Iyer leads a team of *ninjas* who help organizations bring down boundaries, create amazing experiences and build lifelong relationships with their employees and customers. With more than 14 years in Cloud Computing technologies, Vijay believes delivering intelligent, personalised and fast experiences is the secret to success. Vijay specializes in Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Communications and Healthcare industries. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

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