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Visualize Calendar Trends

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Looking for a new, intuitive way to visualize your patient data over time? Learn how to visualize your time-series data on a calendar within Tableau. When working with a variety of patient data use cases, such as managing unit capacity or volume at a call center, seeing the daily performance of a KPI often makes sense to display in a calendar view. A single snapshot often isn't enough to tell the true day-to-day activity level of your unit.

View this healthcare demo, where we will cover:

  • How to best represent and display your information over time
  • Create calendar-type visualizations in Tableau
  • Quickly spot patterns and trends for each day in your analysis

Learn how visualizing your data over time will help you with resource allocation and allow better planning and budget forecasting. Walk away with a clear plan so that you may turn your data insight into action.

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About the speakers

Derek Cyr

Sales Consultant, Healthcare | Tableau
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