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Griffith University: Fostering a Data Culture

As Australia navigates its way out of COVID-19, it is critical for Universities to harness the power of data to quickly pivot and thrive. Griffith University is dedicated to providing their audience with powerful and self-serve analytics. Tune in to hear Mark Jeffrey, Griffith University’s BI Manager, discuss and present:

  • How to make data complexity simple by leveraging Tableau
  • How staff are using Tableau to gain actionable insights
  • How investing in the right tool truly enables a Data Culture

Also included is a panel Q&A session hosted by Mark and the Tableau team: Ben Tzannes (Solutions Engineer), Jo Ostrowski (Customer Success Manager) and Clement Schmutz (Account Executive).

This session is for anyone within the Higher Education space that uses data to solve business problems.

About the speaker


Mark Jeffrey

BI Manager, Griffith University

Mark loves Data and Analytics. He loves it so much that he gave up a career in Executive Management during an (early onset) mid-life crisis after finding Tableau. Today Mark is the BI and DW Manager at Griffith University and still alive (and more in love with Data) than ever before!

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