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Get a first look at Tableau Conference sessions

This is part of the All about Tableau Conference (TC19) webinar series.

From lectures and hands-on training to collaboration sessions and topical meetups, we’ve got something for every learning style and skill level at Tableau Conference (TC19). With so many opportunities to boost your data skills and network with industry peers, we’ve created this webinar to help you preview what’s available to you during this in-person event. See the 2019 Tableau Conference Sessions.

At TC19, lecture-style breakouts are led by Tableau employees, customers, partners, sponsors, and Zen Masters. And if you’re more into classroom-style sessions by expert Tableau trainers, there are hands-on trainings too. Attend TC19 and there’s no way you’ll leave Las Vegas without valuable new data skills.

Watch this webinar with Maris McEdward, Senior Manager, Conference Content, to get a first look of this year’s sessions!

You'll even hear about Tableau customers who will be presenting innovative solutions and use cases at Tableau Conference.

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