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Football Analytics: How to Unlock Match-Winning Insights with Data

Seeing is believing! See how Tableau transforms World Cup data into game-changing visualisations and match-winning insights in this webinar, so you can do the same with your data.

Learn how to clean data for analysis with Tableau's newest signing, Tableau Prep, and build powerful visualisations and dashboards with our star striker, Tableau Desktop.

Discover how data and visual analytics can answer football's big questions:

  • Messi or Ronaldo? Can the data separate them?
  • What's the secret to Germany's success? We'll visualise all the data in one dashboard
  • Is there a 'best' time to score? Let's analyse data over time
  • Does the host country have an advantage? See how to build a story out of data
  • How does each country perform? Learn how to visualise data geographically

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About the speakers

Marius Kaiser

Associate Solutions Consultant, Tableau

Eyal Razi

Sales Consultant, Tableau
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