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Five Steps to Revenue: How to Create a Great Data Product

Data-product owners have a tough job.

They not only need to bring the product to market on time and on budget, but they also have to make sure that product meets the buyers' needs.

Picture this: You’re a product manager at a company with a successful SaaS application. Your customers are happy, revenues are flowing in, and as a result your executive team is happy. Then it happens.

The CEO calls you in and gives you the "good" news. They want to monetize the company's data into a new analytical product line. She lets you know that you'll be leading this project and your mission is to drive new sales, increase user engagement, and create a new revenue stream for the company.

What do you do next?

Watch this webinar to learn about the 5 Steps you can take to drive revenue with your data product.

About the speakers

Kevin Smith

Analytics and Data Product Strategy/Product Marketing Leader, NextWave BI

Reed Walton

Embedded Analytics Consultant
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