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Excel & Tableau: How to transform your spreadsheets into interactive dashboards

Excel is great for managing data. But if you want to find powerful insights from your data, Excel can’t do the job on its own - it needs the power of visual analytics.

Watch this webinar to see how you can discover a wealth of new insights by using Excel and Tableau together. As Tableau natively connects to Excel, you can keep your spreadsheets whilst digging deeper into your data with fast and easy drag-and-drop analytics.

Watch now to see how using Excel and Tableau together enhances your analysis, including how to:

  • Instantly connect to multiple spreadsheets
  • Transform your spreadsheets into a single dashboard
  • Spot visual patterns quickly
  • Go beyond your initial insights to explore and build stories in your data
  • Publish your results online for your team to analyse

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About the speakers

Sara Seylani

Solution Engineer, Tableau
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