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Evaluating a modern BI platform

Satisfying the self-service needs of the business while maintaining governance may seem like an either/or choice. Fortunately, with most modern analytics platforms, it’s not. Today, it’s possible to have enterprise BI with empowers users with business agility while satisfying IT’s needs for governance, security, and scalability.

Modern BI platform evaluation demands new criteria

The key in evaluating a modern BI platform is in identifying core attributes to consider that empower both business users and IT, and understanding the collaborative evaluation process that involves both IT and the business. As the needs of the business evolve beyond the capabilities of traditional reporting, it’s important to understand how the selection criteria for a modern analytics platform have also changed.

Join this live webinar to learn:

  • How the BI landscape has evolved, and what traditional vs. modern analytics offer organizations today
  • Why moving from traditional BI to modern, self-service analytics is needed in our current business landscape—especially to drive digital transformation with analytics
  • What to consider when evaluating modern business intelligence and analytics platforms, including how to map self-service capabilities to the modern analytics workflow
  • How shifting to an enterprise self-service analytics platform empowers both the business and IT, enabling business agility without sacrificing governance and security

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"Traditional BI kept much of the information locked down, creating more work for both IT and business. It also helped create animosity, as no one could succeed. Tableau operates differently, allowing IT to focus where it excels, like managing server resources, setting preliminary access, and supporting processes that are repeatable. Tableau Server allows IT to let business users balance control with support."

About the speakers

Josh Parenteau

Market Intelligence Director, Tableau

Michael Hetrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau
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