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From Traditional to Modern: How to Evaluate Modern BI & Analytics the Right Way

Data is everywhere. Traditional report factories are rapidly becoming obsolete. Enterprise organizations are looking for self-service analytics and IT is looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance. So how do you satisfy the needs of both the business and IT? That’s the lingering question for many IT leaders.

View this 45-minute webinar to learn about:

  • Why moving from Traditional to Modern analytics is needed in today’s business landscape
  • What to consider when evaluating Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms
  • How shifting to enterprise self-service analytics tools empowers both the business and IT

Don’t forget to check out part one of this webinar series, Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership of Tableau with Bill Kirwin, Founder and President of International Institute of IT Economics (and former Gartner analyst).

About the speakers

Josh Parenteau

Market Intelligence Director, Tableau
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