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Enterprise Deployments: Architecting Tableau Server

Have you struggled with what deployment architecture makes the most sense for your enterprise? Have you wondered if HA (high availability) and DR (disaster recovery) strategies? How about data governance?

Tableau Server enables you to easily scale up and scale out and we'll show you how. You will also come away with an understanding of Tableau Server architecture, single node and two-node configurations and best practices for server deployment. In this session, we will walk you through reference deployment topologies for Tableau Server using the upcoming Tableau 9.

Watch this session to have an overview of the Tableau Server architecture and what are the areas for considerations when deploying it in an enterprise environment.

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Tableau Server deployment topologies.
  • Deployment and configuration options: Single or multiple node deployments.
  • Tableau Server Architecture: A look into the upcoming Tableau Server 9.
  • Overview of HA and DR.
  • Data governance: Tableau Data Server.

About the speaker


Yu Hua, Lim

Associate Sales Consultant (GSI), Tableau

Yu Hua helps people see and understand their data as a Associate Sales Consultant for GSI. Yu Hua started in the software industry as a software engineer before moving into professional services and consulting.
Yu Hua now focuses on growing the partnership between Tableau and Global System Integrators and help consultants and analysts be successful with Tableau.

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