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Embed AI Everywhere:
Unlock AI Insights With Tableau Embedded Analytics

Want to learn how you can integrate data, interactive dashboards, and generative AI experiences within your cutomer-facing apps using Tableau Embedded Analytics?

Watch this webinar if you want to explore new growth opportunities for your business using Tableau Embedded Analytics—a powerful tool to maximise product engagement and customer satisfaction by integrating rich content, data, analytics, and AI directly into your external-facing apps.

See how you can elevate your revenue-making potential, unlock deep-rooted data-driven insights, and integrate Tableau’s Pulse with Salesforce Experience Cloud to kick-start your AI journey.

About the speakers

Harveen Kathuria TC21 Hubb Headshot

Harveen Kathuria

Senior Director, Product Management, Tableau

Harveen leads the Visualization and Interactivity product team at Tableau. She joined Tableau three years ago with over 10 years of experience in tech companies in the Seattle region. Harveen is also an active member of the Salesforce Women's Network.


Kuber Sharma

Director, Product Marketing, Tableau

Kuber leads the Core Product Marketing function for Tableau. His team partners with Product Management to bring Tableau innovations to light for our customers. Before Salesforce, Kuber Held leadership roles with Microsoft Azure's product marketing and product management functions.

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