East Carolina University Measures Academic Integrity with Data Analytics

Hear from East Carolina University’s Chief Audit Officer, Stacie Tronto, as she shares how she worked with Tableau partner, Visual Risk IQ LLC to leverage data to improve their analysis of measuring academic integrity among student-athletes grades in comparison to all students. Learn how her team is now being sought out as a trusted advisor on campus as a result of using data to produce successful internal audit projects. View this session and you’ll walk away with:

  • A methodology and approach for matching business questions to available data sources.
  • Techniques to encourage internal auditors and management to ask the next business question.
  • Insights on how East Carolina University is creating on-going change and improved academic integrity because of analytics.

Learn more about our Internal Audit and Compliance with Data Analytics webinar series.

Featured speakers: 

Stacie Tronto

Chief Audit Officer and the Executive Director of the Office of Internal Audit and Management Advisory Services

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