On-Demand Webinar

Driving supply chain efficiencies through Healthcare predictive analytics

Today’s healthcare ecosystems are seeking to improve operational efficiency to run at peak performance. From low-value commodities to high-value medical devices and medicines, the day-to-day challenges faced by supply chain leaders hinders their ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

With predictive analytics running your inventory management system, delivering the right drug or device to the right patient at the right time—supports better patient outcomes. Through a data-driven approach, operational efficiency can be achieved by selecting and managing the right suppliers.

In this webinar, industry experts from TEKsystems and Tableau will address the business impact of driving supply chain efficiencies, including:

  • Managing performance of your Suppliers on key performance metrics
  • Getting an accurate view of your excess and obsolete Inventory, Inventory turns and Inventory value
  • Top spending areas and the top savings potential

About the speakers

Mark Norato

Senior Director, Healthcare, Tableau Software

Ben Flock

Chief Healthcare Strategist, TEKsystems

Kirti Dua

Kirti Dua, Senior Practice Manager and Solution Architect, TEKsystems

Heather Namovich

Executive Advisor, Healthcare Risk and Compliance, TEKsystems
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