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Don’t Discount the Data: How Groupon Merchandises for a Mobile-First World

E-commerce companies often have to think of their online stores in very different ways from their brick and mortar counterparts. Within Groupon’s Relevance function, the focus is not only on ensuring that the company’s best-selling inventory is highly discoverable and featured on the right real estate, but also on delivering a highly personalized experience, tailoring the online store to an individual customer. The feature development process naturally involves numerous tradeoffs, and to identify the optimal user experience, every new product is rigorously A/B tested.

Watch to learn:

  • The key metrics that drive merchandising decisions at Groupon
  • The best practices and pitfalls of designing A/B testing frameworks to build the best online store experience – separate the signal from the noise
  • How to build trust and credibility in your organization by democratizing data

About the speakers

Meghna Suresh

Technical Product Manager, Groupon

Ibrahim Maali

Technical Product Manager, Groupon
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