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DOI: The Science of Visual Analysis

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Join us for a live webinar exclusively for DOI on February 28.

These sessions will also be offered in person at the BIO: BIO training room - Eldora conference room Bldg 810 Suite 7020 - Denver Federal Center, Denver CO

Seeing and understanding data is not just about creating queries, dashboards, and workbooks.

In this session, we'll show examples of how visual and cognitive science explain what makes data visualization so deeply satisfying. Why does a collection of bars, lines, colors, and boxes become surprisingly powerful and meaningful? Three decades of research into the beautiful science of data visualization explains why history has converged at this moment, why data enthusiasts will change the world, and how you can use Tableau to do it.

This is the essence of why Tableau exists and why we design our product in the manner that we do.

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