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Discover the Power of Tableau Embedded Analytics

Healthcare organizations today have more data than ever before. Providing access to data is the key to effective decision-making and healthcare innovation. Tableau Embedded Analytics makes it easy to deliver flexible visual analytics. Embedding analytics into customer-facing applications, products, or web portals allows organizations to create entirely new data products or to enrich existing products and services. Create a seamless experience for your customers and stakeholders, allowing them to ask questions and find meaningful insights while creating a positive user experience. Join data leaders to learn how healthcare and life science organizations can use self-service embedded analytics to create new revenue streams and deliver value to customers and partners. This webinar will feature:

  • Why embedded analytics matters
  • Healthcare and life sciences embedded analytics examples and use cases
  • Lightning Web Component functionality overview

About the speakers


Gordon Rose

Master Solution Engineer, Tableau

Gordon is a Sales Consultant with Tableau in the New England region. Gordon has worked with data most of his professional career (dBase III, anyone?). Thanks to Tableau, data – and working with people with data – have never been more fun.

Ron Dugger

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

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