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Deloitte Gets Vizzing for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In early 2022, 250 Deloitte employees, in 180 teams spread over 18 countries collaborated and competed to create amazing Tableau visualizations exploring key diversity, equity & inclusion challenges around the world. The objective was to upskill Deloitte consultants and practitioners in data visualizations, data storytelling and Tableau - all whilst doing good for society. They did not disappoint!

“We need innovation to make the world a better place and data is in the centre of that. I’m very proud to see the tremendous talent across Deloitte joining forces with Tableau to drive innovation and do good for our people, our society, and our clients through data analytics and visualization.” - Nicolai Andersen, CEO of Deloitte Consulting Germany & Central Europe.

Drawing on the Tableau Iron Viz format, Viz Games is an innovative (and fun) approach to building data skills and an excellent way to build a passion and organization-wide adoption of data analytics.

If you want to see the power of Tableau in the hands of one of our expert consulting partners, watch the Grand Finale and be inspired by the largest Data Viz showdown at Deloitte.



About the speakers

Andy Cotgreave

Andy Cotgreave

Senior Technical Evangelist, Tableau at Salesforce

Andy Cotgreave is co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards, and Technical Evangelist at Tableau. He is the host of If Data Could Talk, co-host of Chart Chat and columnist for Information Age. He has over 15 years’ experience in data visualisation and business intelligence, first honing his skills as an analyst at the University of Oxford.  Andy helps customers, media and analysts across all industries see and understand their data. He has inspired thousands of people with technical advice and ideas on how to identify trends in visual analytics and develop their own data-discovery skills.


Minea Moore

Ecosystem Equality Director, Salesforce

Minea Moore is Salesforce’s Ecosystem Equality Director. In this role, she is responsible for driving diversity, equity, and inclusion through initiatives for Salesforce’s innovative partner ecosystem, while advancing the Salesforce mission of Equality for All. Minea’s deep experience in the tech industry includes roles in supply chain management, human resources, and global procurement for Fortune 100 companies. A self-proclaimed “Corporate Entrepreneur”, Moore is a global thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset who has coached many small businesses over her career. Her greater calling is to help leaders accelerate sustained growth by reorganizing around purpose, impact, and meaningful business practices. When she’s not building inclusive programs and communities, Minea is passionate about real estate investing in her home city of Phoenix, AZ.


Justina Spencer

Global Purpose & Social Impact Senior Manager, Deloitte

Justina works at the heart of business strategy, purpose, and social impact. In this role, she collaborates with Deloitte colleagues, leaders, and non-profit organizations around the world to drive Deloitte's social impact strategy, and lead programs and partnerships across cultures, countries, and sectors to achieve shared objectives and make an impact. Her passion lies at the intersection of sustainable development, social innovation, and cross-sector collaboration for positive societal change. Justina is a One Young World Ambassador since 2015, and leads Deloitte's global partnership and program with One Young World. She has a long-held interest in well-being and yoga, and loves spending time with her young family.

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