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Data at Work for America (Showcasing FEMA and DHS)

Hassett Willis and Company takes National Security seriously. Its mission is to help government agencies transform the organizations and programs they want and need to become. As data enthusiasts and solution designers, Hassett Willis and Company (HWC) has introduced data analytics and visualization software across multiple agencies within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In just a few years, the HWC team has matured capabilities for grants management; created predictive modeling tools to support natural disaster planning and response efforts; analyzed data to inform policy decisions and strategic initiatives; and improved the operational capabilities for one of the nation's front line counter-terrorist surveillance programs.

By visualizing their data, Hassett Willis has been able to identify and inform clients of potential data capture, integrity, and governance concerns, which ultimately impacts the organization’s ability to derive meaningful and accurate results.

This presentation discusses how:

  • BI helps government organizations understand the effectiveness of their programs.
  • Government agencies can use BI technology to explore data gaps and integrity issues.
  • The use of BI impacts public policy.
  • BI helps the U.S. better respond to natural disasters.
  • Visualizing data helps improve our counter-terrorism surveillance programs.

About the speakers


Kyle Pipkins

Associate, Hassett Willis & Company

Kyle Pipkins is an experienced data analyst and solutions designer with a project management background. As an Associate with Hassett Willis & Company, Kyle has focused on managing and building custom data solutions, data analysis, and building interactive visualizations. During this time Kyle has worked closely with capital planning, grants management, financial analysis, and operational readiness review. Most recently Kyle has streamlined collection across a nationwide counter-terrorist surveillance program and used Tableau to communicate the health of operations.


Teri Caswell

Senior Associate, Hassett Willis & Company,

Teri Caswell has over 25 years of experience helping clients understand how operational, financial, and performance data can influence process and policy designs and business decision-making. As a Senior Associate with Hassett Willis & Company, Teri currently assists FEMA with improving their identification, analysis and use of operational and grants portfolio data. This most recently included the implementation of Tableau to present statistical analysis in a graphical manner, geographical representation of operational metrics, and replacing hard copy reports with dashboards.

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