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Data Integration for the Digital Enterprise

To succeed as a digital enterprise requires your organisation to invest in more than technology alone. What you need is a sound digital transformation strategy with data integration at its core.

In this live webinar you’ll discover how your IT organisation can lead a successful digital transformation. We’ll discuss the current limitations of modern data architecture, before sharing how the new generation of data integration platforms including enterprise data hubs, cloud warehouses, and BI platforms can address the challenges you face.

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  • What are digital transformations?
  • Critical success factors beyond technology
  • The state of enterprise data integration and its technical debt
  • Can data lakes save the day?
  • Data harmonisation and multi-model databases
  • Right-sizing a modern integration platform

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About the speaker


Alex Sigal

North America Technical Evangelist - Tableau

Over the past 17 years Alex amassed a broad base of experience building, selling, and deploying analytic solutions at world-class companies both large and small. This has given him the holistic perspective that marries technology and business in a unique fashion. Alex’s diverse technical background allows him to zero in on the solution fit, while his sales and leadership experience gives him the ability to guide high-performing organizations to deliver on the analytics promise.

In his current role at Technical Evangelist at Tableau, Alex owns and leads efforts to increase adoption, penetration, and client success outcomes for analytics in the Strategic and Enterprise customer segments across North America. Fulfilling the role of a Field CTO, Alex works closely with the product development teams, as well as industry analysts to advocate for both immediate and future needs Tableau customers have, and the technology trends indicate.

Prior to joining Tableau, Alex held roles at Lucent Technologies, Cognos, then IBM with responsibilities ranging from managing software development teams to serving as a regional thought leader for IBM’s entire information management, business intelligence and predictive analytics portfolio in Southeast US. Alex resides in Orlando, FL and may be reached at asigal@tableau.com.

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