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Building a Culture of Analytics
Building a data-driven culture is a top priority for many leaders today. But studies show the majority of companies are struggling with enabling analytics at scale, much less infusing data-driven thinking into the fabric of their organizations. In this keynote session, will share what we’ve learned about building an analytics culture from years of experience in this industry, conversations with successful customers, and the study of culture itself.

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About the speakers


Jay Peir

Executive VP, Corporate Development and Strategy

Jay Peir is Tableau's Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy, responsible for corporate strategy, pricing, and acquisitions. He also advises the Tableau Foundation, which he helped to establish in 2013. Prior to joining Tableau in 2011, he served in various senior roles at SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) including as VP of Corporate Development, VP & Treasurer, and as CFO. While at SunPower, Jay helped scale the organization from a start-up to a multi-billion dollar solar energy company. Jay brings over 20 years of experience in finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and business development. He earned a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, as well as an MBA from Stanford Business School. “I’m amazed every day by the passion and desire to make a difference that characterizes our employees and our culture. I am proud to be a part of the company that is revolutionizing how people see and understand data.”


Lee Bond-Kennedy

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Lee is a Lead Solution Engineer based in Melbourne who helps customers use Tableau to solve their analytics & reporting challenges, and, as the ANZ technical lead for Tableau embedded solutions helping businesses deliver powerful analytics to their customers without having to build them themselves. In his spare time Lee enjoys working on and time trialling his cars.

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