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My Boss Said “Draw Me A Map”

Maps are always popular visualisation types but you can rapidly be overwhelmed by the different options and there are a number of common mistakes that should be avoided.
Beyond the typical symbol maps and filled maps, there are also some less known techniques that can also be implemented using Tableau.
The goal of this session is to have a comprehensive view on the different techniques, how to build them and what are the advantages and limitations of each technique.
Regardless of your level of expertise in Tableau, this session will help you to determine what map type is the best for your particular use case.

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About the speaker


Marc Psaila

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Marc is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau and is a self-proclaimed data geek, with a fascination in connecting to a dataset and getting insights in a matter of minutes. Marc has 20+ years of experience at American Enterprise software vendors both as an Implementation Consultant and a Presales Consultant, and has worked with different types of software such as Collaboration and Content Management, CRM, Project Management and now Visual Analytics.
Outside of Tableau, Marc has a passion for travelling and outdoor activities, and even uses Tableau to analyse the data on running races he participates in.

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