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Brewing better beer with Tableau

Brewing beer is as much about art as science but Coopers Brewery has focussed more recently on the scientific basis of what makes a good quality beer. The application of Tableau as an analytical tool has helped Coopers Brewery transform process data into meaningful and valuable knowledge that would otherwise have been left undiscovered. “Eureka” moments of discovery help drive the motivation for further continuous improvement through the use of Tableau. An outline will be shown on how Coopers Brewery created the atmosphere of data driven innovation which enabled Eureka moments to be achieved. In order to provide a perspective around Coopers’ path of Tableau adoption, the challenges and future plans will also be outlined.

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About the speaker


Jon Meneses

Brewing & Supply Chain Manager, Coopers Brewery

Dr Jon Meneses did his first degree in Chemistry and Microbiology from the University of South Australia before joining Coopers Brewery. Jon has filled a number of roles at the brewery including Quality Assurance Manager, Technical Brewer, Brewing Manager and now currently holds the dual position of Brewing & Supply Chain Manager. Jon also holds a degree in Computer and Information Science as well as a Doctorate degree from the University of Adelaide, where he studied the physiological and genetic characteristics of wort sugar fermentation by industrial strains of yeasts used in the brewing, baking and wine industry. He is a member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in the UK and has been working in the brewing industry for 31 years.

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