“Data Culture” - How organizations can become data-driven

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Organizations are investing heavily into becoming more data-driven, but only about 8% successfully scale analytics to get value from their data. Many companies fail to make data available to more than just the experts. But how do you reach the rest? Becoming a data-driven organization requires investments in both Data Culture and technology to shift how people make decisions. In this session we will explore how the Tableau Blueprint can help your organization to reach this goal.


About the speaker


Andreas Terörde

Lead Solution Engineer | Tableau Software

Andreas lives and breathes self-service analytics. Apart from focussing his master degree on this topic, he helped clients in his role as BI Consultant at a renowned Microsoft partner to fully leverage Power BI as a self-service tool. Since joining Tableau as a Solution Engineer in 2019 he helps organizations to be data driven and fully utilize Tableau as their new visual analytics platform. Apart from helping people to see and understand data, Andreas is an avid home cook and a music nerd.