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Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Eliminating the Barriers to Analytics

The competitive advantage that comes with being a data-driven organisation can be significant, but in today’s era of digital transformation the road to becoming more data-driven can appear challenging. What if the basics were more straight forward than first thought? In this session, we lift the lid on what foundations and core competencies are required to lower the barriers to data-driven decision-making.

If you’re leading the analytics transformation within your team, department, or across the entire organisation, then listen in to hear from our analytics expert as we delve into this engaging and important topic and its many opportunities and challenges.


  • Discuss how achieving analytics ubiquity across the whole organisation requires a human interface that users can easily engage with
  • Using natural-language questions to gain answers from your data
  • Explore how the capabilities of AI-driven explanations can assist users in answering deeper questions
  • Talk about how establishing a data culture and governance structure can reduce and ultimately remove barriers to data-driven decision-making

About the speaker


Mac Bryla

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Mac Bryla is a Principal Solution Engineer based in Sydney with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. With passion for innovation, creativity and critical thinking, he helps customers unleash their human potential through the use of data and modern visual analytics tools. You can contact him on Twitter @macbryla

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