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Conquering Marketing Analytics with New Relic

As New Relic grew from a startup into an enterprise, the demands on its marketing analysts increased. To respond, the company turned to Tableau. The analytics platform now provides New Relic’s marketing leaders with up-to-date information, accessible customer insights, and impactful visual stories.

In this webinar, Maria Stopak, New Relic’s senior manager of marketing analytics, and Josh Stabinsky, marketing data analyst, will show how they use Tableau to fuel the company’s data-driven marketing, including how they:

  • Assess how their marketing personas interact with their brand
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their product marketing
  • Visualize their conversions with a more actionable marketing funnel

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About the speakers


Maria Stopak

Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics at New Relic

Maria is the Marketing Analytics Manager and resident Mathe-Magician at New Relic. She leads the team responsible for influencing the overall marketing strategy through analytics. Away from the numbers, you’ll find Maria testing the thickness of her four walls with her new full Yamaha drum set, reading the latest New York Times bestseller, and volunteering in high schools with future female STEM leaders of tomorrow. Maria graduated from Clemson University with her MS in Mathematics.


Josh Stabinsky

Marketing Data Analyst, New Relic

Josh is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois, he has been knee-deep in Tableau for almost two years (both in and outside of class). Josh is a self-proclaimed "Netflix Connoisseur" and "Fantasy Football Guru", and when he’s not working on marketing reports, you can probably find him watching movies or complaining about bay area sports.

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