On-Demand Webinar

Compare costs using PMPM calculations

Begin to compare costs across geographies, facilities, and procedures in order to provide the right level of service to your customers. Learn to use PMPM (Per Member Per Month) cost calculations to understand the ratio of costs per the number of members in a selected group per month. Understand use cases such as prescription PMPM analysis between geographies and how to maintain low monthly premiums in order for an insurer to be effective in their coverage.

Attend this intermediate webinar session, in which we'll cover:

  • The various ways to achieve PMPM calculations in Tableau
  • Database blending
  • Cross database joins
  • Calculated joins
  • Level of Detail calculations.

You are encouraged to join regardless of your interest in PMPM, as we will cover valuable features in Tableau to take your Healthcare analytics to new heights.

About the speakers

Alex Woodcock

Systems Consultant, Tableau
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