Zero to 60 at LyondellBasell: An Accelerated Tableau Self-Service Journey

LyondellBasell manufactures products at 57 sites in 18 countries with 15,000 employees. In this session, we will share our year one journey and lessons learned on an aggressive path towards enterprise self-service.

In this session we will cover the following topics:

  • Strategy: how we started, why we selected Tableau, our early wins, and our road-map
  • Innovation and collaboration: overview of our comprehensive training program and business engagement to build momentum for the program
  • Turning vision into reality: live demonstration of some of our cool Tableau dashboard
  • Business partner perspective: a business partner describes their perspective on our program, how they gained benefits from Tableau, insights and learnings about self-service from a business champion's perspective
  • Lessons Learned: challenges we had to overcome, what worked really well, and key adjustments made along the way
  • What's next: the next steps envisioned in our long term plan.

Featured speakers: 

John Longworth

BI Strategy and Solutions Lead, LyondellBasell

Allan Skakun

Administration Director, LyondellBasell

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